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From wireless broadband, private LTE, and CBRS services to network automation, security, and consulting – PCS Technologies can help to connect your community to a bigger world.

Wireless Broadband Planning and Implementation

In a world where everything is digital, and every piece of commerce runs online – it has never been more important to have access to high-speed Internet service.

For your homes, businesses, government agencies, and community resources – PCS technologies can help you find the right solution to deliver high-speed, reliable Internet to the people that matter most.

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Private 5G, LTE & CBRS​

AT PCS Technologies, we’ve remained on the cutting edge of wireless connection and data transmission for more than 20 years. One of the benefits of our current climate is the options available to create these connections in a variety of circumstances and budgets.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. LTE provides the user with fast mobile Internet experience. 5G is an upgrade on the 4G LTE capabilities. 5G runs on a higher frequency, and therefore provides a greater bandwidth for data transmission. For the user, that means faster, clearer data transmission with fewer service interruptions.

With more people moving away from major cities in the wake of a remote work revolution – there has never been a better time to create communities that offer the top-of-the-line Internet speeds to attract these workers and connect with these hubs of commerce.

For industries with an existing remote platform – like oil, gas, manufacturing, mining, and healthcare – we can help to strengthen your infrastructure and create a safer environment for your employees and vendors with reliable communications solutions.

PCS can create a private 5G/4G LTE network that provides stability and consistency in your link to the world around you.

We specialize in mission-critical reliability and performance stability.

Private wireless network development is competitive. Fortunately, you have options.

Whether you are wanted to extend the reach and performance of your existing 4G LTE network, or if you are looking for the next phase of a new 5G network – Citizens Broadband Radio Service
(CBRS) offers a middle-of-the-road option to help you step up your connectivity.

CBRS allows your private LTE network to extend its capacity and coverage area. Many industries find this option valuable for increased automation in their IoT devices. For example, commercial and government enterprises that need to communicate wirelessly with on-site or off-site devices. Healthcare, factory management, property management, and industrial services all rely heavily on the benefits of CBRS for added reliability and coverage for their network needs.

Connecting Rural Communities

Rural broadband connectivity is a vital issue in our national infrastructure. PCS Technologies supports rural broadband advocacy and provides end-to-end solutions to these communities.

Investing in high-speed broadband wireless for American rural communities provides greater access to more educational resources for local schools, increased efficiency in farm operations, an improvement on healthcare opportunities, and a boost for local small business.

All of these benefits create new or increased revenue streams for the localities they support.

Device Performance & Automation (IoT)​

Automation is critical for competitive industries today. New technology has created opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue. The best part? It’s all within your reach.

The most expensive equipment in the world doesn’t guarantee a strong infrastructure if your devices aren’t communicating effectively.

At PCS Technologies, we have a strong history of creating automation systems and improving device performance across multiple industries. From life saving healthcare communication systems to managing mining field operations – we’ve helped our clients create solutions tailored for their unique needs.

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