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Connecting the heartland with wireless broadband services

From education to healthcare, and agriculture to commerce – PCS Technologies has been a trusted provider of broadband wireless infrastructure for rural and Native American communities.

Connecting the heartland and helping our rural communities thrive with wireless broadband services for more than 25 years.

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Benefits of Broadband Wireless for Rural Communities

Bringing local business to a global market

A 2020 SBA report of the economic impact of rural broadband showed that $500 billion in e-commerce was supported by rural broadband connections. For small businesses and local residents, the access to remote work and sustainable business development has never been more important. Wireless broadband provides an open door for rural residents and businesses to connect to a digitally global market right where they are.

Improved access to quality healthcare

Rural broadband services expand access to telemedicine and infrastructure monitoring resources for nearly 20% of the American population. Rural broadband provides access to larger medical centers with specialists and advanced equipment – empowering local medical professionals to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Stronger education infrastructure

From homeschooling resources, to classroom technology – the access to digital education resources helps to allow rural students to find success from elementary school all the way through professional education and online college. To be successful, broadband speed in rural communities matters more than ever. From streaming HD video in the classroom and downloading digital textbooks, to virtual class environments on Google hangouts and Zoom – clear connections are vital to education in rural areas.

Better access to community resources

From access to emergency services to updates from government agencies – keeping rural families in the know is a huge benefit of rural broadband services.

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