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PCS Technologies provides end-to-end private LTE network planning, installation, maintenance, and monitoring services. When reliability matters, you want experts on your team. We have been providing carrier-grade private LTE infrastructure for a variety of clientele for more than 25 years.

5G & Connecting Communities

5G is increasing the potential for higher connection speed and capacity for wireless broadband. The long-term implication opens doors for next-gen 10 to 100 times the speed of 4G technology. This responsiveness can improve everything from video conferencing to vital telemedicine – and even the domestication of augmented and virtual reality.

For public safety, infrastructure, and industry, private 5G networks are able to address critical wireless communication requirements more effectively than previous 4G network capabilities. As the networks continue to evolve, PCS Technologies can help you stay on top of the best approach to adapting to changing coverage, performance, and user experience.


CBRS – or Citizens Broadband Radio Service – is a band of radio-frequency spectrum from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz that the Federal Communications Commission has designated for sharing among three tiers of users: incumbent users, priority licensees and generally authorized, which is lightly licensed.

What that means for public sector and enterprise clients is an opportunity to extend the coverage and capacity of existing 4G LTE and 5G networks. Using this spectrum, the possibilities for IoT modernization in a variety of environments are promising and within reach.


Private wireless broadband networks are transforming:

Smart City
Oil & Gas
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