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Broadband network engineering is at the core of what we do. Whether you need a wireless broadband network for machine to machine operations, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, or the ever-increasing demands of wireless services to support your people and technology, PCS Tech has the experience and in-house expertise to solve even the most challenging network issues.

The heart of PCS

Network design and deployment done right

How we innovate

The phrase innovation no longer means what it used to for networking. Simply throwing  what’s new at the network without meeting the need, is not exactly innovative. For us, the true networking innovations are the ones where next-generation technologies are adopted to fit the need and growth. At PCS, we develop modern solutions that help network operators meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


We design and engineer high-performance and high-availability wired and wireless solutions using a full range of communication technologies. We model network strategies
using state-of-the-art tools to quickly evaluate design efficiency and implementation.


We carefully assess challenges and solutions and define requirements for the specific application before any design.


We develop strategies using best practices and best-in-class technology and vendor that best suits your project and budget.


We fine-tune solution implementation to enhance network performance, availability and need.


Decades of experience and expertise constructing carrier-grade communications infrastructure of all sizes allows us to get you quickly up and running. We have the breadth and depth to deploy
your network with speed, agility, and uniformity at one site or hundreds of sites.


Whether you have a need for simple on-demand services, day-to-day operations, or even critical, long-term projects, we can manage, maintain, and monitor your network and keep it running at top performance.


Our approach to network maintenance is all about optimizing your network’s Uptime. Let our team of experts help and train your network administrators with network maintenance plans that keep the network’s uptime growing.


Professional & network
engineering services

From site surveys and structural studies, to radio network planning, network installation and ongoing support, PCS Tech has been a trusted technology partner for coops, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities across North America for three decades.

Professional Services

Project Management

Site Survey

Tower Structural engineering Studies

Tower Erection and Equipment installation

Customized fabrication of site components

Site installation drawing and specifications

Detailed RF mapping for Marketing & Customer Service support

engineering2 copy 2

Base station and backhaul deployment services and networking

Radio Network Planning comprising of propagation analysis, coverage prediction maps, frequency channel planning and RF optimization.

engineering2 copy 3

Network design and dimensioning services; defining network architecture and system capacities

Network Services


Installation and Integration of core, access and edge networking components into existing infrastructure

engineering2 copy

Implementation of Provisioning and Network Monitoring tools


Remote troubleshooting, diagnostics and network optimization

Network migration and transition planning assistance and implementation

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