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We serve a variety of industries including agriculture, healthcare, education, government & rural communities, and enterprise broadband infrastructure.

Rural Communities

Vital educational resources, increased healthcare opportunities, and new streams of revenue through commerce are all benefits of wireless broadband in rural communities. PCS Technologies has been a trusted partner with many American communities in their efforts to remain vibrant fixtures of our nation.

Private LTE

Access to information, device performance, connectivity – all of these core elements of infrastructure stem from mobile wireless connectivity. At PCS Technologies, we have been innovators in the field of private LTE system design, implementation, and management.

Whether you are expanding on a 4G LTE network, or upgrading to the next evolution in 5G – we offer a variety of options for different needs and budgets.

Native American

A unique demographic with specific needs – Native American reservations across the country have limited access to reliable wireless broadband. The issue has been discussed in academic circles and is lobbied for in Washington, DC. PCS Technologies has been helping to make those connections happen for more than 25 years in collaboration with tribal organizations across the country. We are proud to serve our Native American population with the resources they need to succeed.

Campuses & Facilities

Bringing private, carrier-grade broadband wireless networks to educational institutions and administrative facilities nation wide. We help you leverage the power of CBRS to provide secure coverage, easy management tools, and cost effective deployments to connect students, administrators, and stakeholders around campus or across the country.

Healthcare Facilities
& Providers

The overwhelm of the healthcare industry has never been a more front-and-center issue than 2020 and beyond. From staff burnout to connectivity issues – efficiency is vital to the sustainability of our nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

At PCS Technologies, we support those who provide life saving services to our local communities through a variety of services ranging from device performance, automation, and mission critical communications solutions.

Enterprise IoT

Solutions design, creation, implementation, management, security, and support – PCS Technologies is your one-stop resource for the automation systems you need to increase efficiency, communication, and improve your operational stamina.

We believe in leveraging technology to fit the needs of our clients, not fitting you into a pre-determined boxed solution. You’ll get exactly what you need to succeed – no fluff, and total confidence.


AgriTech is creating an environment where the application and implication for growth in the industry of agriculture is massive. From sensor management regulating greenhouses to irrigation system automation and climate monitoring – the sky is the limit for what device performance and connectivity can do for farmers across America.

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