In 2022, Next Generation Fixed Wireless plays a critical role in closing the digital divide

The good news is that we’ve made some real progress toward closing the digital divide. The economic and societal consequences of having wide swaths of the population left with insufficient internet access have been made clear. Washington’s policymakers are tabling initiatives and the telecommunications sector is stepping up. Things have improved. According to a 2021 […]

Why can’t we be friends? How wireless complements Fiber networks

Why does there seem to be a rivalry between fixed wireless access and fiber networks? Our opinion is that fixed wireless access and fiber networks are complementary technologies that should be used together for better, faster, stronger, and more complete internet access. However, many in the telecommunications industry seem to believe that these technologies are […]

Fixed wireless makes the cut for reliable broadband according to NTIA

In May 2022, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) revealed a big change that promises expanded options for consumers in search of dependable broadband. In its announcement, the agency defined a few “reliable broadband technologies” as being eligible for state-level bipartisan infrastructure funding – including fixed wireless. Why was this declaration so important and […]

Benefits of fixed wireless broadband

In a world of satellites and super-fast fiber optic broadband generating download speeds of up to 1000Mbps, it might be tempting to think of fixed wireless broadband as old-fashioned and due for retirement. However, for several economic and technological reasons, this would be a mistake. Fixed wireless broadband offers a range of benefits that make […]

Understanding Government Infrastructure Funding: CARES, IIJA, CAA, ARPA

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented rise in broadband infrastructure funding and support. A series of multi-billion-dollar bills have been passed which should result in a significant improvement in network expansion and access, countrywide.  The CARES, ARPA, IIJA and CAA legislation can be confusing to navigate, however, with areas of overlap and different […]

Waiting for Fiber Broadband? Don’t Hold Your Breath

In the early 2000s it seemed like fiber-optic broadband was going to be the next revolution in communication technology. Soon we’d be dispensing with copper wires and sending gigabytes of data to one another at the speed of light. Sadly, it didn’t quite happen, and the roll-out of fiber telecom networks in America has been […]

Private LTE Market is Projected to Reach USD 13 Billion by 2026

Global Market Insights’ recent report on the Private LTE Market revealed an encouraging trend towards increased uptake of these networks. Based on 2019 analysis, and including market data from 2015 to 2018, projections show an annual CAGR of 20%, taking the $3 billion USD market size to around $13 billion by 2026. Even allowing for […]

Federal Infrastructure Funding Creates Huge Broadband Responsibilities for States

Originally published at Route Fifty. States will receive billions to improve broadband access, but have limited experience administering broadband grant programs. Here are important priorities to consider to effectively use the money. Upcoming infrastructure investments into broadband hold the potential to make meaningful progress in closing the digital divide. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act […]

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