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Safe, Secure, Reliable

Private networks and smart automation for healthcare

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices have created new possibilities for the healthcare industry. The opportunities to create a more sustainable, secure environment for private practitioners, hospitals, and surgical centers have never been greater. PCS Technologies has been at the forefront of ensuring these devices communicate effectively and consistently for the highest level of safety and reliability.

All of the technology in the world won’t matter if it’s not performing when your patient needs you. PCS Technologies can consult on and implement Private LTE options to reduce device connectivity issues, missed alerts, and limited coverage concerns.
Wearables, medical monitoring devices, and similar tech has been around for a while – but the effectiveness of these options is increased when the doctor and staff can get immediate, real-time updates directly to their devices, even if they aren’t in the room. The success of this process is dependent on the devices communicating accurate data with constant updates.

Through our strategic partnerships, mission critical connections are becoming more available in the healthcare industry. Inventory tracking at the push of a button is possible with IoT connectivity. Hospital staff can operate confidently knowing the number and location of defibrillators, nebulizers, and oxygen pumps are at any given moment. If there is a deficiency, hospital administration can be notified in advance of an issue and make necessary adjustments.

The use of health monitoring devices to support underwriting and insurance claims operations is not new – however the process can be greatly improved with automation between the data the monitoring device is tracking and its delivery to the insurance provider. This streamlines the process for patients and ensures faster processing of claims.
End-to-End Solutions

Automation & Connectivity for the Healthcare Industry

With PCS Technology, you can be sure that you have a partner in your corner. We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to designing and implementing wireless solutions for your practice.

What makes PCS Technologies unique is our proven ability to create solutions that fit the needs of our customers. Rather than force the medical community to adapt their policies and procedures to a technology – we’ll create something that works for you.

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On-Site Consultations & Support

Nobody knows the issues in your medical practice like you. Rather than stick you into an off-the-shelf solution, we come to your location and review the issues with you. Then, we create a solution that will fit your location, your budget, and your needs.

Direct, One-on-One Customer Service

When you work with PCS Technologies, there’s no big off-shore call center. You have direct access to PCS Tech technicians and engineers for consistent support.

Wireless Networking is Our Core Business

We are established, qualified experts in the field of wireless networking. It’s the foundation of our business. You can rest assured that you are getting the experts that know every facet of wireless networking – which empowers us to create the most innovative solutions for you.

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