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Private networks and smart automation for healthcare

Recent global events have highlighted unprecedented challenges for caregivers and facilities alike. The entire healthcare system is under strain from an ever growing, ever aging population, an unprecedented shortage of practitioners on the horizon, relentless security concerns, not to mention other public health crises and the COVID-19 pandemic. What measures can be taken to attenuate this pressure? Can technology play an even greater role in healthcare? How can we support existing technologies while also allowing for future technology initiatives? Connected devices are everywhere in your industry, from in-patient monitoring and automated drug delivery systems, to remote telehealth and point-of-care testing. Connected devices are only as strong as their connection, and that is where legacy systems are seeing their biggest risk exposure.

Private Wireless Networking Solutions

The introduction of CBRS and ongoing innovation in wireless connectivity means that healthcare organizations can or will benefit from many of the advantages that private wireless networks provide:

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Getting started with Private LTE

Where to Begin

Private wireless networks provide healthcare organizations with centrally managed connectivity solutions that are inherently secure, reliable, and scalable. As your digital health needs grow, so too does your need for a high-performance network that can excel in challenging environments and mission critical needs of IoT connected healthcare applications. 

PCS Technologies offers a range of Private LTE networking solutions. With complete control over your network, you can manage data as it flows over public and private networks, while also allowing you to oversee all aspects of connectivity via a centralized, modular platform.

We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to designing and implementing wireless solutions for your facility. What makes PCS Technologies unique is our proven ability to create solutions that fit the needs of our customers. Rather than force the medical community to adapt their policies and procedures to a technology – we’ll create something that works for you.

On-Site Consultations & Support

Nobody knows the issues in your medical practice like you. Rather than stick you into an off-the-shelf solution, we come to your location and review the issues with you. Then, we create a solution that will fit your location, your budget, and your needs.

Direct, One-on-One Customer Service

When you work with PCS Technologies, there’s no big off-shore call center. You have direct access to PCS Tech technicians and engineers for consistent support.

Wireless Networking is Our Core Business

We are established, qualified experts in the field of wireless networking. It’s the foundation of our business. You can rest assured that you are getting the experts that know every facet of wireless networking – which empowers us to create the most innovative solutions for you.

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