The Vital Role of Telecommunications in Healthcare

Telecommunications has played an important role in healthcare for several years – long before COVID made telehealth the new “normal” nationwide. Beyond simply performing medical consultations over the phone, telecommunications will continue to be a key foundational element to healthcare innovation for many years to come.

Today, connectivity and device performance is at the forefront of what’s next for hospitals, private practices, and patient information security. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of current technology, and what’s on the horizon.

Increased Access to Quality Care

A major benefit of telehealth and telemedicine is increased access to quality health care for people in rural areas and patients who cannot make it to a traditional doctor’s office. This could potentially include patients who have conditions that may have a higher risk for infection when visiting a hospital for a follow up visit.  

For wide-range telemedicine to create an impact on a larger scale – rural broadband access must be in place to ensure residents across the country are able to access the same high quality care as their urban counterparts. 

Patient Monitoring

Combined with device performance optimization, broadband wireless solutions offer a more efficient path to patient monitoring and life-saving processes for hospitals and medical providers. Wearables, medical monitoring devices, and similar tech has been around for a while – but the effectiveness of these options is increased when the doctor and staff can get immediate, real-time updates directly to their devices, even if they aren’t in the room.  For patients with cancer, heart issues, and diabetes – this can create a much more comprehensive view for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Provider Collaboration

Telecommunications in health presents additional benefits for healthcare professionals. The range of ability to quickly communicate and collaborate with other practitioners and specialists is greatly increased by access to wireless broadband. Through phone calls, emails, text messaging, and records transfer systems – the process of reviewing a patient’s medical history and treatment options helps to ensure continuity of care.


Access to broadband wireless allows for simple automation like appointment reminders via text message or email. It can also assist in easing the pressure on hospital staff by completing administrative tasks like client data management and patient monitoring. A reliable automation system helps to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency. 

Better Connectivity for Healthcare

From education to healthcare, and agriculture to commerce – PCS Technologies has been a trusted provider of broadband wireless infrastructure for more than 25 years.

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