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The problem(s)

  • Large portions of our communities remain underserved in a connected world where the need for real broadband is more essential than ever.
  • Copper-based fixed access networks are increasingly exhausted.
  • Efforts to improve supply with fiber have been throttled by prohibitively high costs and installation complications.
  • Wireless alternatives continue to fail in the face of the significant technical challenges in fiber class fixed access, including pervasive obstructions, spectrum scarcity, interference, changing conditions, and unworkable deployment models.

Fixed Wireless is your solution

But not just any fixed wireless. This is Next Generation Gigabit 1 from Tarana Wireless. Tarana’s innovation has solved all these problems, crafted from its custom silicon up to its cloud-based service automation with a completely fresh approach to fixed wireless. 

Extensively validated by tier-1 operators and well proven in mass-scale networks, Tarana’s fundamental advances in multi-radio performance completely transform the economics of delivering gigabit-class access.

"But we're getting fiber"

Consider this...

  • With supply chain interruptions, manufacturing delays, and labor shortages, it could take 3-5 years for fiber to get to you
  • Even when it does get to you, fiber is still not economically feasible for more rural communities and edge residents.
  • You could have a fast, stable, secure municipal network in as little as 90 days, for a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Real World Results

Image credit: Tarana Wireless
Image credit: Tarana Wireless

Big Footprint Coverage and Capacity

Long range and high capacity, even in the face of obstructions and unlicensed interference, enable rapid deployment and unprecedented deep market penetration at large scale, opening up whole new strategic possibilities for new entrants, fast relief from network obsolescence for incumbents, and faster, more efficient progress on digital divide initiatives.
  • Up to 800 Mbps aggregate throughput per link
  • Up to 9.6 Gbps capacity / site / 80 MHz channel
    (using free, unlicensed spectrum)
  • 1024 users / site (256 / sector)
  • Industry-first cancellation of unlicensed-band interference
  • 3 or 5 GHz
  • Simple cellular deployment model
  • ~2x cellular range in NLoS or LoS conditions
  • Compact, integrated base node and low-cost remote node
  • Enhanced TR101 Broadband Forum network architecture (no complex packet core required)
  • Comprehensive cloud suite for planning, zero-touch config, monitoring, SDN management, and support automation
  • Software-defined radios, enabling automated, cloud- managed performance upgrades
image credit Tarana Wireless
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