Blinq X300i Base Station Omni Outdoor


X-300i is designed to meet dense urban broadband connectivity needs. Its indoor and outdoor variants enable a seamless transition for an inside-out and outside-in deployment. Its dynamic capacity switching puts you in control of your coverage, so you can target distribution exactly where it’s required.

Whether you’re covering a busy intersection or a sold-out arena, the X-300i helps you create a smooth 5G experience, offering the right capacity at the right price.

  • 500 Mbps aggregate capacity
  • Dynamic Capacity Switching for targeted distribution
  • LTE speeds up to 1 km inside-out or outside-in
  • Indoor horizontal/ceiling mounting or outdoor lamppost/roof mounting
  • Covers 360° of azimuth, with integrated adaptive antenna system of 3 x 90° sectors
  • SDR solution with high baseband capability with AAS concepts

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