Featured project: Rural Broadband

Siyeh Communications/ Blackfeet Nation

PCS Technologies has been serving clients across American with rural broadband services for more than 20 years. This is one of our case studies.

The Client:

Blackfeet Nation

The Challenge:

PCS Technologies, Inc. was contacted by TICOM in early 2020 to assist with one of the first 2.5 GHz Network Implementations for a tribal entity. The Solution was funded by the CARES Act and needed to be completed by December 2020.

The Solution:

PCS assisted TICOM in the Design of the 2.5 GHz Network, using the vertical heights available from the water tower in the community of Browning, Montana as well as the water tank in the community of Star School, Montana.

The Solution is based on a FWA Deployment of Telrad Radios in the 2.5 GHz EBS Band41.This system provides coverage to two tribal communities within the Blackfeet Nation.

The Browning water tower is equipped with (4) 90-degree sectors running Dual Carriers on each sector. The Star School tank supports (2) 90-degree Telrad Sectors. The Star School Radios are connected to the Browning water tank using a Ceragon 11 GHz IP-20S Licensed Microwave radio. Network Core Elements, including the EPC and NMS System were installed in SiyCom’s Central Office Core located several blocks from the Browning water tank. The Browning water tower and Central Office are connected by10Gfiber-optic link.

High Speed Wireless coverage was turned up in November and provides coverage to two tribal communities. SiyCom currently is installing and turning up customers on the 2.5 GHz network.

TICOM and PCS have over a decade of experience working together on Tribal Telecommunication Projects. TICOM’s innovative approach of creating sustainable Tribal Telecom businesses is unique in the industry, supporting both Wireline and Wireless Network success stories.

Project Completion

Completion Deadline: December 2020

Actual Completion: October 2020

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